Aeronautics and risk management


The aeronautic industry is the number one industrial sector in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, with world leaders in the manufacturing of helicopters, satellites and drones.

The region is a leader in New Air Services operated with light aircraft.

In particular, this activity groups :
- Constructors and operators of light aircraft: from drones to small jets
- On-board system manufacturers and integrators (cameras, detectors, Radar/Lidar …)
- Aerial data processing companies (photos, geomatics / GIS, man-machine interface …)
- Related activities: aircraft parts, precision mechanics, composites, mechatronics, optronics,
radiofrequencies …

The New Air Services focus attention on new applications and their associated potential markets :
- precision agriculture
- security for sensitive sites (industries, nuclear activities, infrastructure/networks, public works structures …)
- environmental monitoring
- crisis management
- events, culture and national heritage
- and many other yet to discover!

Risk management and global security are among our internationally-recognized regional fields of expertise, and a major concern in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
Any and all of us may have to deal with natural, industrial and technological risks, and our region is developing responses for the risks of today and of the future.



  • 1st industry in the Provence region
  • €5.5 billion turnover
  • 35,000 jobs
  • 8 leading European companies
  • 1700 researchers, 30% of the regional R&D
  • 12 testing plants, centers of excellence: unique in the world
  • World’s leading area for helicopter and satellite manufacturing, and for testing



Europe’s unique concentration of players in the aeronautics and risk management/security fields.

Competitiveness centers / clusters :
The SAFE cluster - Security and Aerospace actors for the Future of Earth – was born from the merger of Pégase (aeronautics) and the Risks competitiveness poles.

SAFE is the only European cluster focusing on global security. It includes 600 members, with world leaders, innovative SMEs, R&D centers, universities and engineering schools.

In Vaucluse, the SAFE cluster is largely based on the New Air Service’s Pégase Technopole, and on our high density of sensitive sites (industries, nuclear and military sites, strategic infrastructures …).

R&D centers :

  • ONERA: national aeronautics research center, specializing in command of flight systems and dynamics, theoretical and applied optics, and electromagnetism and radar
  • CNRS: National Scientific Research Center
  • CEA: the Commissariat for Atomic and Alternative Energies
  • INRIA: the National Research Institute for informatics and automation

Specialized organisations :

  • Armament General Direction – Flight trails
  • CETI : the Mechanical Industry Technical Center
  • INOVSYS: a Mutualized Innovation platform for engineering, advanced processes and complex system prototyping (INgénierie, les prOcédés aVancés et le prototypage des SYStèmes complexes).

Targeted training :

  • the University of Avignon et Pays de Vaucluse, University of Aix-Marseille, University of Nice-Côte d’Azur and University of Toulon
  • Marseille Centrale School
  • Salon de Provence Air School



An aeronautics techno-center located at the Avignon-Provence Airport :

  • A 2900 m² enterprise center with direct access to the airport runways
  • 16 hectares for innovative industrial projects
  • A separate drone area, with the appropriate procedures and authorizations
  • Progressive rents
  • A secure aeronautical environment
  • Airport runways: 1880x45 m sealed runway, grass runway and separate microlight / helicopter runway

Activity zones handy to major industrial and nuclear order-givers

The Rhone Valley has the highest density of Seveso sites in France, and the greatest concentration of nuclear sites in the world.