Vaucluse is part of Provence, an area known worldwide for its magnificent landscapes of lavender fields and its gentle lifestyle. This gives a unique image for our cosmetic industry companies internationally.

Located in the heart of the main production region for aromatic and medicinal plants (PPAM), with exclusive know-how in the extraction of aromas and ingredients, Vaucluse is a highly attractive region open to foreign investors.
We are home to SMEs specialized in the manufacturing and packaging of essential oils, research into cosmetic formulation, customized packaging, and the production of aromas and ingredients.



• 1st region for the manufacturing of essential oils, with over 70% of the French distilleries
• in the heart of the n°1 production area for aromatic and medicinal plants (PPAM)
• 10 000 jobs in the PACA region
• more than 400 enterprises i.e. 15% of French enterprises in the sector



To reinforce the cosmetics activity, different organizations make their skills and experience available to regional enterprises.

Competitiveness centers / clusters:

COSMED, n° 1 network representing SMEs in France’s cosmetic industry, with 675 member enterprises
PASS, competitiveness center for Perfumes, Aromas, Scents and Flavors
TERRALIA, competitiveness center for activities involving fruit & vegetables, cereals, vineyards and wine, accompanying companies from the innovation phase through to the market launch. More than 250 members, with 75% enterprises. 180 labeled collaborative projects, 350M€ of investment in R&D, 50M€ of financial aid mobilized
France Eco-extraction, a grouping between competitiveness centers and technical partners. The association develops new processes for the ecological production of ingredients, natural products, intermediate food products (PAI) based on fruit and vegetables, and aromatic and medicinal plants (PPAM).

R&D centers:

INRA PACA, Agronomy Research Institute and national center for fruit and vegetable research.
TERSYS, combined research organization grouping 12 laboratories in the University of Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse and the INRA PACA, and working on the production and processing of plant products. Includes the University of Avignon GREEN laboratory, a research group specializing in the eco-extraction of plant products.

Valréas eco-extraction platform (PEEV), technical platform grouping equipment and expertise for R&D and small industrial series runs in the field of plant value creation for the foodstuff industry and nutraceuticals.



• AGROPARC - Avignon, techno-center with many cosmetics industry companies
• PÔLE OR VERT - Carpentras, an agro-environmental center focusing on horticulture, and plant and food industry chemistry
• Plant Center (Cité du Végétal) - Valréas. Building on local expertise in eco-extraction, the Cité du Végetal houses a business incubator dedicated to the industrial value creation of plant products, as well as the PEEV technical platform enabling enterprises to bring their innovative projects to reality.


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