Viti / viniculture


Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Beaumes-de-Venise… great wine-producing names which are the dream of wine enthusiasts, and all found in Vaucluse.

Wine making has made us one of the largest viticulture areas in France, with 15% of our land planted in grapevines, i.e. nearly 50% of our agricultural area. Vaucluse alone produces almost half of the Cotes-du-Rhone appellation wines, which are exported to over 150 countries. From plant production through to wine sales, viticulture represents more than 6 000 directly-related jobs in Vaucluse.

Many companies which supply the equipment or services necessary for winemaking activities have set up in our area: mobile bottling services, equipment sellers (presses, etc…), consultants (winery upgrading, vineyard sales …), analysis laboratories…

With our magnificent landscapes and a very strong demand from French and foreign customers, wine tourism is also a promising activity developing in Vaucluse.



  • Largest grapevine plant producer in France
  • 50% of the Rhone Valley AOC wines
  • 4000 vineyards
  • 46% of our agricultural land is in grapevines, i.e. 50000 hectares
  • 2 million hectolitres of wine produced per year
  • 6000 directly-related jobs
  • 39 cooperative wineries, 600 private wineries



To reinforce viti-viniculture activities, structures have been set up to make their skills and experience available to our regional enterprises.

Competitiveness centers / clusters : 

  • TERRALIA, competitiveness center for the fruit & vegetables, cereals, and wine sectors accompanies enterprises, from the innovation phase through to the market launch. More than 250 members, with 75% enterprises; 180 labeled collaborative projects, 350M€ of R&D investment, 50M€ of financial aid mobilized.
  • Interrhône, the inter-professional union of the Rhone Valley AOC wines, is based in Avignon.

R&D centers :

  • INRA PACA, the Agronomy Research Institute and national research center for fruit and vegetables, with one research program focusing in particular on improving the quality of table grapes.
  • TERSYS, a grouped research structure federating 12 laboratories in the University of Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse and in the INRA PACA, working on the production and processing of plant products.

Specialized organizations :

  • The French Institute for Vineyards and Wine carries out studies of general interest for the entire viti-viniculture industry in the fields of plant selection, viticulture, wine making and marketing of their products.
  • The Rhodanien Institute, a Research and experimentation center working in viticulture and oenology fields. It groups 17 partners (professional and technical organizations) in the Rhone Valley.
  • AREDVI, a regional association for experimentation and viti-viniculture development, works on implementing the regional viticulture and oenology experiment program in the PACA region.
  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape Producers’ Union Federation
  • Vaucluse Cooperative Winery Federation
  • Rhone Valley 84 Independent Winemakers’ Federation, Orange branch

Targeted training :

MASTERS in international wine commercialization – University of Avignon et des Pays du Vaucluse

  • Wine University, professional educational facility dedicated to wine knowledge and culture. Tertiary level courses (University degree, Masters, Professional Bachelor’s degree) and professional training (wine waiter, cellar master, technical salesperson etc) as well as on-going adult education, short courses...
  • Orange Viticulture School a regional source of pride with its viticulture and oenology as well as research and development courses, serving the local area, winemakers and the entire wine industry with its 300 students preparing for secondary and early tertiary diplomas in vineyards and wine, Agronomy and Life Sciences and Technologies, through to Viticulture-Oenology, or as far as a professional Bachelor’s degree.
  • Pétrarque Agricultural School, Avignon with courses from senior high school level through to tertiary diplomas, this high school offers two courses specific to the industry: Viticulture-oenology and Horticultural Production diplomas.



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