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Stimulation Déjà Vu sets up in Carpentras

Publié le 28 April 2021

The Canadian start-up Stimulation Déjà Vu has been assisted by VPA, Business France Canada and Rising Sud for the past two years, and has chosen to set up its French subsidiary in Carpentras.

Specialist in creating olfactory and sensory experiences

The company will set up its laboratory on the premises of Mon premier bureau, the business incubator of La CoVe.

Bringing back memories and creating emotions are what counts for Audrey Bernard. She is the founder of Stimulation Déjà Vu, which combines technology, sciences and sensations to reproduce, maintain and describe the ambiance of a place and/or event. Fragrances of Provençal markets, scents of festivals, odours of Monuments… Your nose leads the way! There are as many fields of application are there are natural and heritage riches. Stimulation Déjà Vu applies an approach that has not been seen anywhere else to enrich what the territory has to offer, by enhancing the destination using olfactory and sensory recall. It’s a new way to promote the territory that blends cognitive science and experiential marketing. What signature will you choose for your event?

Logo Déjà Vu