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UZAjE is establishing a new industrial cleaning centre

Publié le 30 July 2021

Specialising in ways to reuse containers and packaging, UZAjE is setting up a new industrial cleaning centre at the MIN d’Avignon, in addition to its other centre in Neuilly-sur-Marne in Île-de-France. Operational from November, this circular economy company continues to establish itself in Vaucluse, constituting a new player in the local food-processing ecosystem.

An activity based on circular economy

Offering service solutions for the reuse of all types of food containers and packaging is UZAjE’s DNA. To do this, the company designs reusable containers, ensures their washing and treatment to prioritise hygiene and safety, and organises their logistics for reuse.
The company has two main types of activities:
Operational activities based around a national network of industrial washing centres;
– Supporting companies by giving advice about the choice of containers and the implementation of reuse cycles (circular eco vs linear eco) as well as the monitoring of reusable containers for their traceability. UZAjE also takes action in logistics organisation.

By focusing on reuse with the aim of getting rid of single-use products once and for all, we limit pollution and waste in general. We are in line with upstream recycling”
André Lefebvre, Director of National Deployment at UZAjE

4 target markets for a global approach

Objective: Unite all of the players in the sector in an approach of global pooling of industrial equipment

UZAjE targets the markets of:
– Commercial and mass catering, two sectors respectively subject to new regulatory obligations in 2023 and 2025. In this sector, the company is in contact with Terres de cuisine, Sodexo, Chef Basil, Dubble, Table de Cana, and more.
– The market of food and beverage producers and manufacturers: UZAjE is in contact with Rhonea, Brasserie du Ventoux, Brasserie La Comédienne, Local en Bocal, Cowing Out, Les jardins de Solène, Lökki
– Food distribution/wholesalers: The company has already made connections with Relais vert, JusteBio, and Biocoop

Expert opinion

“Reuse works at local and national levels to connect the territory with shared tools for reuse and packaging standardization,” explains André Lefebvre.

Crédit Uzaje

Support from VPA

VPA guided us towards establishment opportunities and regional financial aid. It has also enabled contact with players in some of our target markets, including the oenological sector. This link should allow us to develop our business and go from the creation of ten jobs at the time of opening, to about forty, and the number is still increasing.

Credit UZAjE