A location with efficient network

Localisation et reseau vaucluse


Vaucluse positionnement strategique

Located on the north-south axis and at the crossroads for Spain and Italy, opening onto the Mediterranean and North Africa, Vaucluse has an ideal geostrategic position.

Companies set up on our territory are guaranteed outstanding accessibility, thanks to our well-established rail, road and air networks.
With the high-speed TGV train, Avignon is just 1 hour from Lyon and 2h40 from Paris.
By plane, London is only 2 hours away, Brussels 1h45 and Madrid 1h30.

Vaucluse represents an ideal location for any company seeking contact with a large customer base. We are positioned:

  • in the heart of the Southern Europe consumer basin, serving a public of 115 million.
  • in the heart of a 9-million inhabitant market within a perimeter of 2 hours by road.




Vaucluse population a moins de 2 heures

The Vaucluse General Council (Conseil général) recognized the need to set up a regional high and very high speed digital network to reinforce our attractiveness and dynamism. The mission was given to Vaucluse Numérique, a General Council Public Service Delegate (DSP), which set about deploying the optic fiber infrastructure and the first 10 000 FTTH connections (fiber to the home) at the end of 2013. By December 2014 Vaucluse already had a 541 km network.

The Vaucluse digital network enables companies, public bodies and private individuals to profit from a sustainable healthy competition on the telecom market, and to access the best operator services at competitive prices.

This public-private investment represents :

  • 21.4 million € over 3 years (2012 to 2014) and 220 million € over 25 years
  • A network of 702 km of fiber optic cables
  • 14 Unbundled Telephone Exchanges
  • Connection of 103 activity zones and 283 major public sites (universities, high schools, hospitals…)
  • Almost 10 000 FTTH connections deployed
  • A digital network immediately available to 10 500 enterprises
  • Equivalent digital services and prices to those of the major European cities
  • 280 enterprises currently use the publicly-funded network. 85% of Vaucluse’s economic players are within reach of the fiber optic network