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SYBA and their delicious 100% plant-based ice cream

Publié le 8 December 2020

Une jeune entreprise vauclusienne vient d’émerger au pays des glaces. Dans ses bacs, des compositions totalement innovantes 100% vA young Vaucluse-based business has just emerged in the ice cream world. Their totally innovative formulations are 100% plant-based and above all contain no additives or sweeteners. A first in France!
With the support of VPA, Sÿbahas set up a base at the Avignon MIN (or National Market, an agri-food hub where businesses can set up and benefit from shared premises). Introducing a business that is in tune with its region, with Camille Ribelles.

A new challenge for Camille Ribelles and Mickaël Veyron

After years of experience in fine dining, this couple of thirty-something Avignon natives has developed a completely new process that combines a delicious taste with healthy eating and forward-thinking; in fact, they have made it an art form.

We have developed a plant-based formulation, by replacing all additives with plant-based fibre and proteins. We make our own plant-based milk to go into our ice cream, with raw ingredients such as almond, hazelnut, oat, buckwheat or flax”, explains Camille.
Staying true to their values and their region, the Vaucluse was the natural choice as the location for these two entrepreneurs to develop their product.

We are lucky to be surrounded by orchards here! We work with short supply chains, with fruit farmers from Cheval-Blanc, Carpentras and Thor. For our sorbets, we are less than 30 km from the production floor!

Syba co-fondateurs

Adapting to the crisis

Sÿba initially aimed its marketing at restaurants so as not be solely dependent on seasonality, however, the restaurant world has felt the full force of the health crisis.
We had planned to work on a consumer format as a second phase. But the health crisis moved everything forward. Lockdown prompted us to develop an online sales platform with Click and Collect and offer delivery across the whole of France via a market place that helped us create brand awareness during the summer season”.

Syba is well established within the Avignon network, and can be found at stores like Le Nid, Le Goût du Jour, Le Petit Pot and Moloko. The company continues to expand its ice cream ranges and invest in R&D, to fulfil its goal of developing organic and clean label products.