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Cowing Out, the 1st sustainable urban dairy in Vaucluse

Publié le 28 April 2021

When milk comes out into the open, it opens a new way to how it operates, more human, healthy and environmentally-friendly.

Cowing Out, a new player in the agri-food sector

VPA assisted its set up at the MIN d’Avignon at the beginning of January.

Grégory Pastor trained as an engineer before choosing to direct his career towards the dairy sector, and set up Cowing Out. It intends to develop the local distribution network for dairy products. He gets milk from local farms and processes it into a range of products intended for sale locally, at markets or through partner sales outlets like the La Reboule farm on La Barthelasse island. Its base? The solidarity economy, a search for meaning and 5 undertakings, which include paying producers a fair price, processing that respects the milk and a circular economy for containers. Cowing Out is currently in its set-up phase and will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign on Tudigo before starting production in the Spring. The company plans to recruit 4 FTE within the next 3 years.

Cowing Out logo