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newcleo paves the way for the nuclear revival from their base in Vaucluse

Publié le 12 April 2024

newcleo, a private European start-up and one of the key players in the renewal of the nuclear industry, has established a design office dedicated to the design of the future fuel fabrication plant that will serve its innovative nuclear reactor business (AMR – Advanced Modular Reactor). With operations in London, Turin and Lyon, the company plans to invest €3 billion in France by 2030; all of which will contribute to the industrial sector in France and the spin-offs for the Vaucluse region.

A promising new business

Backed by solid funding

One of the first France 2030 winners of the “Innovative Nuclear Reactors” call for projects, newcleo intends to invest almost 3 billion euros in France, in the form of industrial investment, R&D and engineering. The project aims to create a demonstration reactor and a fuel fabrication plant.
Their ambition: to support the transition towards sustainable nuclear technology and French and European energy independence.


Talented people at work

newcleo was founded in 2021 by:
– Stefano Buono, physicist and co-founder of Advanced Accelerator Applications (Nasdaq-listed biotech sold to Novartis)
– Luciano Cinotti, nuclear engineer with numerous patents
– Elisabeth Rizzotti, physicist

A local project supported by VPA

In 2023, newcleo opened a new design office in Vaucluse, the objective of which is to design the future fuel fabrication plant for its reactors. This decision was driven by Avignon’s strategic location, at the crossroads of several major nuclear sites (Marcoule, Cadarache, Tricastin), which makes it a prime destination for attracting skilled professionals. This new facility will enable 100 people to be recruited by the end of 2024.

newcleo benefited from the support of Région Sud (the local authority) and Vaucluse Provence Attractivité throughout the process of setting up its business.

photo credit newcleo

Ludovic Vandendriesche, managing director of newcleo SA 

At newcleo, we are proud of our strategic expansion in France and more recently in the south of France, specifically in Avignon. This move reinforces our commitment to regional development and our desire to make an active contribution to France’s energy transition.