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PVA media, video game made in Vaucluse

Publié le 12 April 2024

Philippe Erwin, leader of the international Zenity Media group specialising in the video game industry, has chosen Vaucluse to develop his new company, PVA Media. Enticed by the potential that the Vaucluse ecosystem harbours for the creative economy, in particular, it is banking on its proximity to several video game schools and their talents to create revolutionary AI-based software.

A unique software concept

Gamers know that the environment, scenery and graphic quality of a video game are essential. More than just an image, a whole virtual world is being created to make the gaming experience as immersive and captivating as possible. In this game, the “extras” – the characters not controlled by the player – are quickly spotted and are almost irrelevant to the game. But that’s about to change, thanks to PVA Media and the artificial intelligence it has developed with its Mistral Brain brand.

Supported by Unreal (the manufacturing software of open source games), this AI brick can be integrated into any game engine, its role being to animate the extras in the background.

PVA Media has 2 brands:
– Mistral Games, video game manufacturer for VR (virtual reality), PC and console
– Mistral Brain, creator of AI-based application tools for game engines

A strategic development choice

Long-term freedom and scalability

Thanks to the development of this application tool, PVA Media is bringing video games into a more realistic dimension and is offering the ability to adapt the software to future developments.
As far as video game designers are concerned, this AI brick allows you to inject character into the extras in a sustainable and cost-effective way, without any additional development.
By relying on Unreal, PVA Media is securing its solution for the long term and gaining its freedom in the game engine market, which has shifted from Unity to Unreal.



PVA Media, via Zenity Media, has recently signed with Meta (Facebook) who wish to develop their games in VR.

Supported by VPA

Accompanied by BPI France and VPA within the Vaucluse ecosystem, PVA Media is in the process of being structured and currently employs 6 people, including a studio director who is also a member of the teaching team at the Game Academy graduate school for game designers. Located in Avignon, the institution has won many awards and has been certified by the international reference platform, The Rookies. There is no doubt that local talent is actively contributing to the development of this innovative AI brick.

PVA Media had the opportunity to present their work and meet the industry’s ecosystem on the 1st February, at the Afterwork Team event dedicated to the creative economy.