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Adapted training courses,

talent ready to be recruited

Each year more than 2000 people trained in the Region choose to specialise in the transport and logistics trades.Several organisations, training centres, schools and universities are able to respond to both recruitment needs and the qualifications of employees.

Adapted training, talent ready to be recruited

Comprehensive transport and logistics training

A qualified workforce, from the CAP to the 3rd university cycle available nearby, trained by:
Vocational centres or schools offering quality training;
• The AFPA, transportation centre and regional logistics;
• The CERI of the University of Avignon, which offers various training courses in computer science;
•The regional centres of AFT-IFTIM and Promotrans as well as the Higher Institute of Food-Processing Management Education;
• The Logistics and Transport Management Department of the University Institute of Technology of Aix-en-Provence
• The CRET LOG in Aix-en-Provence, which brings together the most comprehensive and diverse supply chain training in France.

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