Wave Island @ Colombe

Recreational areas with high development potential

Opportunities to be seized in Vaucluse

In addition to the expansion of the leisure area of Monteux (Wave Island, Spirou Park, lake, events), Vaucluse is in possession of several suburban leisure spots, bodies of water, resorts, and sports plains to be reclassified or developed. A potential market to invest in, focusing on indoor and, in particular, outdoor leisure.

Spots to invest in

Leisure parks, water bodies, Mont Ventoux resorts, sports grounds

Thanks to its two leisure parks and its lake, the eco-district of Beaulieu in Monteux has welcomed over 500,000 visitors. Vaucluse has other potential sites which are perfect for setting up businesses and leisure activities:
– the Mont Ventoux stations,
– 9 bodies of water, the banks of the Rhône, the Durance river,
– the plains and sports grounds of Grand Avignon, Cavaillon, Apt, Carpentras,
– 5 massifs (Uchaux, Dentelles de Montmirail, Mont Ventoux, Monts de Vaucluse, Luberon, Dentelles de Montmirail) suitable for outdoor activities

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