Eco-tech and energy

The protection of our environment and the preservation of natural resources represent major and universal challenges which are the keys to sustainable growth.

Eco-technologies, whose fields apply to the environment, energy efficiency and eco-construction, are key economic issues in Vaucluse – Provence.

Our territory benefits from important assets which can facilitate the success of your developmental projects in the South of France.

Key figures

No.4 French region
in terms of eco-industry
1 dedicated OIR:
energies of tomorrow
2 dedicated competitiveness clusters:
Capenergies & Pôle Eau
No.1 French
solar field
No. 2 French
hydraulic field
ITER is the largest
international research project


The climatic reality of Vaucluse has shaped a sustainable approach to the preservation of the environment.

The dry and warm Mediterranean climate in summer, and the cold in winter with violent rainfall, has led the Vaucluse territories to develop skills in water conservation, irrigation, fire protection and flooding.

The region’s tourist attraction and the seasonality inherent in tourism have contributed to the development of new systems for effluent treatment, air quality and waste management.

Regional ecosystems related to energy efficiency and eco-construction are structured around different players, including:
– the Capenergies competitiveness cluster, active across the entire carbon-free energy sector
– the EnvirobatBDM association, which works to generalise sustainable development in construction, rehabilitation and development

Le saviez-vous

Energy efficiency and eco-construction

Energy efficiency is the subject of convergence between the energy and building sectors.

Paneaux solaires @ Pixabay

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