Fontaine de Vaucluse @ Kessler

Sustainable environmental approach

Preservation of the environment, sustainable use and upgrading of
materials to form a coherent whole

Diversified renewable resources

Vaucluse benefits from diversified natural and renewable resources:

Solar Energy
300 days of sun per year
Hydraulic energy
– No.1 source of primary energy production in the Région Sud thanks to the Durance and Rhône rivers
– Vaucluse alone accounts for 10% of national gypsum production: Mazan and Beaume quarries
– 9% of the national production of Silica happens in Vaucluse
– 37% of the Vaucluse territory is covered with forest
Other renewable bio-sourced materials in the construction sector include:
Natural hemp wool for insulation
Lavender straw to be used as insulation
– Luberon ochre for pigmentation to be used in construction

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