Nuclear energy, a source of low-carbon energy

Vaucluse is located at the intersection of 3 nuclear sites with globally- recognized

More than 20 billion investments are planned in South-East France over the coming decades
– 45% of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission workforce
– More than 65% of Orano’s activities are in the South-East of France

Vaucluse benefits from a strategic location at the heart of 3 major sites

A state-of-the-art nuclear ecosystem

Tricastin Complex
– Orano Tricastin: nuclear fuel cycle operations
– EDF: power generation plant
Marcoule site
– CEA Research Centre
– Orano’s industrial activities
Centre de Cadarache
– CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) Major Research Centre
– ITER Project
In Provence, nuclear activity is characterised by:
– nuclear decommissioning: expertise and markets
– reactors of future generations
– the fuel cycle
– robotics

ZOOM on the ITER project

– In numbers:
– More than 20 billion euros
– 35 countries
– 2nd largest science project after the International Space Station

This colossal international project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of industrial and commercial exploitation of fusion energy.
Beyond nuclear fusion, ITER acts as a generator of projects and technologies dedicated to the energies of the future.

Welcome Around ITER
Network of partners established in Provence whose role is to understand the needs of companies related to ITER and to facilitate their implementation in the territory.

Welcome around ITER

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