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A unique network of partners

Structures to support innovation and business competitiveness.

Avignon hosts a unique ecosystem of structures specialising in the field of agrosciences and food-processing. These are all valuable resources for companies and structures for the overall economic dynamic throughout the territory.Are you preparing to establish a business? Prepare to improve the industrial performance of your company, and to innovate or to benefit from numerous B2B events …

Innov’Alliance competitiveness cluster

The French Food, Well-being & Naturality cluster

Innov’Alliance is the competitiveness cluster for plants in the agricultural, food-processing, and technological sectors of the South East area. Innov’Alliance is a point of reference for the cosmetics and ingredients sectors of the aromas and perfumes industry.
Given the strength of their complementarities, the 2 clusters have decided to combine their skills.

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The new Innov’Alliance ecosystem now represents more than 450 members, 5,000 researchers, 450 supported innovation projects, € 650 million in R&D investments..


Food in Provence

Support at every stage of the development of food-processing industries

Food in Provence is the network of 3 structures serving the development, innovation and training of food manufacturers:
ARIA Sud: Regional Association of Food Industries of the Région SUD Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
CRITT Food Manufacturers: Regional Centre for Innovation and Transfer of Food-processing Technologies
IFRIA Paca: The training of the food industry

Agro-alimentaire Vaucluse @ Coquard

CTCPA: Food-processing technical center

A technological hall in Avignon

The CTCPA offers expertise about processes and technologies related to the development, safety and conservation of products (microbiological analysis, challenge test, high pressures, etc.).
Many companies are collaborating with the Avignon CTCPA, which has a technological hall that can provide technical tools by reproducing industrial production conditions.

Aroma Zone

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Soon a City of Innovation in Avignon. The future City will offer a common range of services structured around 5 axes: training and skills development; support for student entrepreneurship; support for the creation and initiation of start-ups; support for innovation / experimentation as well as the performance of food-processing companies.

Savons @ Hocquel
Savons @ Hocquel


The cosmetics network of SMEs

Cosmed was born from the desire of very small businesses and SMEs in the sector to be represented by the French and European authorities. Bringing together a network of more than 900 members, COSMED offers various services: regulatory monitoring, issuance of free sale certificates for exportation, organisation of events and conferences (including AROMADAYS, reference congress on essential oils in Avignon) …

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