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A dynamic talent pool

More than 150 training courses and 5,000 learners

Recruiting people with the right skills and training its teams are major challenges for the development of a company. Find out about all the specialised training courses which focus on the trades of today and tomorrow.

Campus 3A : Agrosciences, Food-processing, Food production

What is a trades and skills campus?

The Campus is made up of a territorial ecosystem of certified excellence. It brings together establishments and training centres, professional and inter-professional organisations, companies, competitiveness clusters, innovation and research centres and technology transfer centres, to offer training courses in line with the needs of the employment market and the economic development of the food sector.

Agroscience Avignon
Universite Agroscience Avignon @ Hocquel A.

Training for the Naturality sector

IFRIA Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Food industry training in the Région SUD


Trains technical sales representatives for the food industries, bio-industries, living environment


Training available up to Doctorate level (Bac + 8), 126 teachers and teacher-researchers and more than 2,500 students

ISARA – agro school

Des programmes de formation diversifiées

Claranor – Interviewing Christophe Riedel, Managing Director

“In 2010, we moved to Vaucluse to settle near INRA, which is a large research centre with a microbiology laboratory; and for us, microbiology is an important part of our profession that helps us to understand the use that our customers make of our machines. Being able to collaborate with INRA allowed us to develop a lot of knowledge about efficiency of our machines.”

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