Une offre foncière et immobilière variée et adaptée

A varied and adapted land and real estate offer

Sites dedicated to all stages of business life

Vaucluse in Provence offers a wide range of land and real estate offers. And that’s great because companies in the food-processing, cosmetics and naturalness sectors have very specific needs.
In the creation phase? Solutions adapted to your start-up: nurseries, workshops, MINs. In the development phase? We carry out tailor-made research for your future site.

My first factory in Carpentras

A Food-processing standard business incubator

5 workshops with sizes ranging from 127m2 to 528m2, including 2 equipped for positive cold: docks, floor resin, drains, town gas, common relaxation room and small meeting room, very high-speed digital rate/ flow).
Each workshop has a production area, stock and raw materials, hall, office, sanitary facilities, showers and changing rooms.

Ma Première Usine à Carpentras : Une pépinière typée aux normes agroalimentaires

Valréas City of plants

An offer to host cosmetic and plant promotion companies

The Cité du Végétal is made up of 3 spaces:
– a business incubator with offices, workshops and storage boxes
– a business hotel of nearly 2,500 m²
– the semi-industrial ID4Tech eco-extraction platform, which aims to implement different eco-extraction processes on the same technological platform.

Cité du Végétal à Valréas @ Colombe Production

Grand Avignon – naturaparc

A park dedicated to production activities

In pursuit of the Plan’s activity zone, the creation of the Plan’s industrial park spanning 127 hectares in Entraigues-sur-la-Sorgue is a major program that will welcome businesses, particularly in the food-processing and eco-naturality sectors.

ZA le Plan à Entraigues @ Hocquel
ZA le Plan à Entraigues @ Hocquel

Nature’lub Park in Cavaillon

An economic zone dedicated to naturality

Natura’Lub will be a productive park accessible to different natural markets. Companies, hidden gems of the territory, and leaders in this sector, all intend to settle there, for example, Koppert and Raiponce. The first building permits were due in 2019. This park will eventually create nearly 1,600 jobs.


Avignon and Cavaillon MINS

A new incubator for start-ups

The 2 MINs (markets of national interest) of Vaucluse are part of a network of 17 markets in France located near major communication routes and large cities, and designed to simplify distribution circuits and secure the supplying cities with food products.For several years now, MINs have been developing real estate solutions to enable food processing companies to set up there.

MIN Cavaillon
MIN Cavaillon

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