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Naturalness as DNA

An ambition to boost regional companies

To create growth, employment and strengthen the attractiveness of the territory, the Région Sud launched 8 Operations of Regional Interest (RTI), including RTI Naturality. These major projects aim to bring together all stakeholders (economic, industrial, etc.) in order to raise high-potential sectors to the status of a global centre of excellence.

Major projects to follow

for an attractive ecosystem

Accelerating the development of new economic infrastructures, prioritising employment and anticipating the jobs of tomorrow, valuing sectors of excellence and developing local sectors to promote current circuits… These are ambitious actions that are currently being implemented in order to create an ecosystem that is highly attractive to naturality-based companies.

Le saviez-vous

Did you know?

The 5 target markets of naturality are: quality food, ingredients, nutraceuticals, biocontrol and natural inputs, natural cosmetics.

Naturex, entreprise du Vaucluse @ O'Brien T.
Naturex, entreprise du Vaucluse @ O’Brien T.

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